Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake – Poetic Justice


The epic music video is back in hip hop! That’s all thanks to Kendrick Lamar’s new video for his single ‘Poetic Justice’.

To make sure you’re clear on what you’re about to watch, the video begins with a disclaimer much like Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, except this time it’s about the fictitious nature of all characters and events. Hmm. Is there something we should know Kendrick? The video borrows something else from another Jackson sibling. It samples Janet’s ‘Any Time, Any Place’. Janet herself is well known for sampling tracks into her original songs in the most genius ways and Kendrick’s ‘Poetic Justice’ isn’t any different.

The movie follows what seems to be a gang shooting that Lamar falls victim to. Drake incidentally tries to reach him at the same time that the ambulance rush to the scene to try rescue him and his lover that he lies dead on top of.

Enjoy the motion picture…


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