NEW: Beyoncé – “Bow Down / I Been On”


The wait was long but it’s finally here. Beyonce is back with new music ahead of her 5th album release which she has been understandably guarded about.

The new song, ‘Bow Down / I Been On’ is reminder to all the wannabes that the Queen is on the throne to stay (we don’t know why she just didn’t call it ‘Bow Down, B*tches’). The thing about Beyonce though, is that she got onto that throne by making increbile music to begin with. A mediocre, ego-centric mesh of sounds is probably not the way to go. And alas, this new song is just that; a gross anti-climax for the excitement centred around Queen Bey’s new record but we’re sure we hope the rest of the album is as good, and hopefully even better, than the Beyonce we’ve grown up to know and love.

Listen to the song right here:

2 thoughts on “NEW: Beyoncé – “Bow Down / I Been On”

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