NEW: 2 Chainz – “Crack” Video


Wwhere most rappers are on that world domination steez, 2 Chainz seems to be on a slightly different agenda: reinventing English like ol’ Shakespeare did back in the 16th century.

And his new video helps his mission along. The semi-lyric video, semi-hip hop music video allows for audiences to become acquainted with all the new words 2 Chainz came up with for his new single, ‘Crack’, which incidentally is true story. So maybe we let him get away with poetic licence. Which is just as well, because he seems to be define poetry in the way he suggests the video was “visualized by Aristotle”. Er… WhT does that even mean?

While we meddle over these intriguing mysteries of 2 Chainz’s philosophy, check out the video here:


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