FDBQ EXCLUSIVE: TheCITY Chats to Feedback Musiq | Music Exchange 2013


New Cape Town-based “urban electro” band, TheCITY performed a killa performance at the 3rd Annual Music Exchange this Human Rights Weekend. The band fuses the most eclectic sounds you’ll ever encounter to come up with a musical gumbo that is all the things your ears have been dying to hear and that your won’t be able to resist dancing to. Watch them perform their single, ‘Nguwe’, off of their self-titled debut album TheCITY at Music Exchange right here:

After a sizzling performance we stole a minute of their time to have a quick chat about who they are, what their sound is, the future of TheCITY and of course where to find them. They also let us know that their currently in-the-works EP should be ready for release in May. Eeek! We can’t wait. For right now though, download their new album Need Your Love on their Facebook page for free. And while that download processes, listen to our interview with them:


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