PREMIERE: Fall Out Boy – “The Phoenix” | Video


American punk rockers, Fall Out Boy, have risen from the ashes in order to save rock and roll. Because their new song is called ‘The Phoenix’ and their new album, Save Rock and Roll. Oh, yeah… We went there.

Anyway, we were going to tell you what there new video was about but they decided to make our job easier by beating us to it on their official website:

Welcome to the Prequel! Here’s the video for “the phoenix” – it tells the tale of how we ended up blindfolded in the back of the black van in the mskwyditd video.This is chapter 2 of 11. Stay tuned for chapter 3, coming to a computer, tablet, or phone near you soon.

We love them more already! And we’re sure you will once you check this one out:

And of course, we were going to plug their new record by kindly handing you a download link until they said:

Here’s something else. Instead of putting the album on iTunes at a cheap sale price after all our hardcore fans have already bought it, we’re starting with it on sale from day 1. “Save Rock and Roll” is now available to preorder on iTunes in the US, Canada, and Mexico for $7.99 (limited time only on that price). It will be available everywhere else for preorder worldwide at midnight local time tuesday (late Monday night local time). It comes with an instant download of “The Phoenix” as well.

Put on your war paint!

Don’t you just love gentleman?

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