WORLD PREMIERE: Chris Brown – “Fine China” | Video


A while back we reported that Chris Brown had been putting together the video to his first single of his new studio album, X.

Now remember when Chris said that he wanted to release all the videos before the album’s due release this June/July? And that he was taking up the director’s seat for his videos to implement his new vision? Well we didn’t realise that we’d be getting mini-movies. And that’s exactly what the video for ‘Fine China’.

As far as the treatment, goes Chris falls in love with the daughter of the leader of the Chinese Triad and we don’t have to explain why that’s a no no. He fends himself off in what I must say is probably the best dancing I’ve seen of any artist in a long time. The video doesn’t end with a ‘to be continued…’ but it’s abrupt ending does leave a lot to desire. That said, hopefully we can expect the rest of the videos Chris has been working on soon!!!

But hot damn, have I been yapping! Check out the damn video already:

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