NEW: Immortal to Collaborate with Beyonce + Tour Dates


Yup! Your eyes do not deceive you. In what’s arguably one of the strangest collaborations in music, Beyonce and death metal rock outfit Immortal are set to collaborate on a new song for Immortal’s forthcoming studio album.

The said song, titled ‘Diabolical Suga Mama in Black’ – which sounds very suspiciously like a mash-up as opposed to a brand new song – is reportedly already in the rehearsal process and should be released in the coming months. If you’re wondering how such a collabo would even come about, apparently Immortal saw a picture of baddiebey’s Superbowl Halftime Show performance and said, she’s a bad b*tch! She’ll fit right into our team. Okay, fine, that’s not actually what they said so here’s frontman Abbath’s real statement:

When we saw the picture we knew she had a grimness in her struggling to be released, and we will be the vehicle of that kvlt apotheosis. Honestly, it was like our photo shoots and videos from the ’90s just staring right back at us. She gets what we are all about.

Well, reports have it that we can expect a string of special shows soon. Yikes! Bey just keeps signing herself up to performance-after-performance. Well, in case you missed it, here’s that SB47 performance that moved Immortal to pick up the phone and dial Mrs Carter.


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