GLOBAL ANNOUNCEMENT: #BeyHereNow | Beyonce Teaser Video


Literally moments ago, Beyonce dropped a cryptic 6-second video promoting the hashtag #BeyHereNow. The video also comes with the date 4.4.2013. Wait. Isn’t today the 3rd? That can only mean the Queen is about sting in less than 24 hours! Eeek! The video is accompanied by a snare and bass drum notes as well as one quirky autotune. I don’t wanna jinx it but I do hope this is a sign towards new music and a new video! Because hot damn! Did you see baddiebey in that video? Oh right! You haven’t coz I’ve been rambling again so here you go BeyHive:

One thought on “GLOBAL ANNOUNCEMENT: #BeyHereNow | Beyonce Teaser Video

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