PREMIERE: Dream ft. Fabolous – “Slow It Down”


Dream has got a bone to pick and it’s bad. Real bad! Michael Jackson! And boy is he mad but not quite Joe Jackson.

But it’s not with MJ, obviously. He’s actually got two very particular bones to pick. According to Dream, too many R&B artists and DJs are caving into “motherf*cking dance songs” and everybody just needs to slow it down. Uh… Okay. We sortofkindamaybe agree but his angst is a bit much, wouldn’t you agree? Secondly, he calls racism on the music industry. In the closing frame of his new video, his statement reads the following:

I thought music was to be the only place where colors don’t matter. I was wrong.

Oookay. Well, to be fair, MJ himself would often address agendas he had in his music but he did it with a bit more tact and taste. And also, he’s Michael Jackson. But what do I know? Check out the video for yourself:


One thought on “PREMIERE: Dream ft. Fabolous – “Slow It Down”

  1. He’s right, but I wouldn’t qualify him as the most rnb artist out there due to his autotune. There are solid rnb artist out there but they get no one promotes or listens to them. Hopefully this will change soon .

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