NEW: Jimmy Dludlu LIVE at 14th Cape Town International Jazz Festival | Video


The iconic Jimmy Dludlu is far from an uncommon name at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival and so following his stint at the Kirstenbosch Gardens, Dludlu gave as charismatic a performance as ever to his dedicated fans. There’s something in the way that Dludlu handles an instrument that hypnotises you to a foreign realm euphoria. Cancel the average Joes and reschedule the greats; I could literally watch Dludlu play guitar all day.

The self-taught musician and SAMA award-winner has played with South African legends, Hugh Masekela and the late Busi Mhlongo. If you couldn’t make the CTIJF this weekend, count yourself unlucky (yes, that’s me rubbing salt into the wound). It may make you even more sad watching this video but at least you would have realised the level of greatness that is Jimmy Dludlu and why next time Dludlu is in your city, you have no choice but to break the piggy bank. You ready?

While we were online, we stumbled across this fan video montage of some of the highlights of Jimmy’s set. This is what I meant by dedicated fans. This fan totally wins the Biggest Jimmy Dludlu Fan Award though! Check it out:


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