PREMIERE: Jay-Z – “Open Letter” | + White House Responds


As I’m sure you all know, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s recent trip to Cuba on their anniversary, April 4th, has come under fire and intensive scrutiny by a number of mostly Republican politicians.

One thing you’d have noticed very early on with Feedbaq is that we’re not interested in celeb gossip here. But since Jay-Z has responded to his criticisers musically, we have something to say as well.

Jay dropped a track called “Open Letter”, which directly and unashamedly tells those very same politicians that they’ve never done anything for him, he made himself and they should keep their noses in their business and out of his. Of course, I’m not a rapper so that sounds lame AF but that’s why we’ve got this:

The track is actually really good and would probably have gone on to be a hit record if it wasn’t agenda-based. Now you’d have also heard that the reason he said all the things I mentioned above is coz according to Jigga, he spoke to Obama, himself, and he gave him and his wife the thumbs up for the trip. Well, here’s what the White House had to say:

We really do hope Jay and Bey sort this all out because the last thing we need is one of our favourite couples breaking the law.


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