PREMIERE: Major Lazer ft. Bruno Mars, Tyga + Mystic – “Bubble Butt”


A good couple of weeks ago I found myself in conversation with a friend who argued that hip hop basically died after the “Tupac era”. Whether you were/are a fan or not, you must agree that his generation made this creature we’ve come to know as hip hop. But you also have no choice but to appreciate that that creature was inevitably subject to evolution and change and here we are today.

Major Lazer teamed up with Bruno Mars, Tyga and Mystic for a new single, ‘Bubble Butt’. There’s something about the bass line in the song that just gets you going. Mystic’s whispered verse sounds strong and she probably makes the song. As for lyrical content: you can’t really expect much from a track titled, ‘Bubble Butt’. Having said all of that, I can hear it burning up the clubs already. This will be a request at many a party and inspire a surge of ratchetness. Check it out:

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