PREMIERE: Kelis – “Call on Me” | Single


Let me start off by saying that I am truly grateful and relieved that Kelis dropped all that dance music hoo-hah she came out with in 2010. It wasn’t that the songs were necessarily bad (well, some were) but they just weren’t Kelis.

Now fast forward to 2013 and say hello to, ‘Call on Me’. Horns. Bass guitar. Bongo drums. Keys. Kelis’ raspy voice. That alone should be enough for you without having even listened to the song. One of my all time favourite albums of last year is without a doubt, Solange’s beautiful EP, TRUE. If you loved that (which I’m assuming you did coz if you didn’t, who are you?) then imagine all the amazing things of that album with all the amazing things of Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire album. All of this to create the most pleasurable vibrations for your soul to revel in. Just hit play.

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