PREMIERE: Beyoncé as Mrs Carter in H&M | NEW MUSIC | Video


Ever since baddiebey take over the reins as manager of her own career, things have just been different. We don’t receive the music in the same way. It isn’t packaged in the same way. But allow me to say her way is the more exciting way!

We were all waiting for ‘Grown Woman’ to drop a few weeks ago following the Pepsi commercial but alas, no iTunes single as was publicised by many reliable music sources (but not Bey and her camp). Now we’ve treated to a new song as part of her H&M campaign. The video looks more like a beach situated music video than a commercial and it’s lovely to see Bey’s dancers perform new choreography to this new song in the sexy H&M attire on the beach! We’re unsure of the title as yet (‘Standing on the Sun’ possibly?) but it’s so good (I literally have it on repeat) we don’t actually care (for now). Check it out the sexy Mrs Carter in H&M right here:

4 thoughts on “PREMIERE: Beyoncé as Mrs Carter in H&M | NEW MUSIC | Video

  1. I like this song… It gives me the whole ‘Baby Boy’ feel, but like a more calm version of it. I don’t know maybe it’s because the video is situated on the beach… Lol, I also really like the hair, I miss seeing Bey with dark hair….

    I love the way she’s releasing her material lately, it’s smart… She gives us just a taste, but a taste that gives you an idea of where the track is going. Both the ads have been about a minute and that’s long enough for you to get some sort of melody stuck in your head (unlike a 30 seconds tease).

    The ads also give you a good indication of how she wants us to interpret the song visually. Like with ‘Grown Woman’, we’re are definitely gonna get some hardcore dancing… But with ‘Standing on the sun’ we are given the idea of a more relaxed lyrical type of dancing!!!

    I really can’t wait to hear this album!!!

    (Sorry for the essay, I get really passionate)

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