NEW: Masqued – “Dissertation” EP | Album Stream


Remember all those moons ago when we announced that new Cape Town-based electronic trio, Masqued, was emerging to shake up the local music scene? Well it wasn’t many moons ago. But what is true is that they’re finally ready to share their music with the world.

Their debut EP, Dissertation dropped on SoundCloud recently and has already attracted a significant amount of listens and more than positive feedback (yeah, I had to). What many may not know though, is that although they sound professional AF there was no Fancy McDouchey studio booked out which would probably the amount of a varsity student’s tuition per session (excuse my hyperbole). No! These guys are the quintessence of initiative, drive and a lot of love for good music. “So now that you’ve got me salivating, what say you about that EP, eh?” you say. To which I simply remark, “Just click ‘play'”:

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