PREMIERE: Wale – “The Gifted” Series (Episode 1) | Video


The digital age has shaped and reshaped many an industry in its relatively young life. The music industry is no exception.

Artists seem to constantly be experimenting with how to package their music. How to release their music. How to promote their music. Wale’s The Gifted hits stores on June 25th and to promote its release, he dropped a single (as any other artist would) but now he’s releasing mini-webisodes of what to expect of the record once it drops (which no other artist has ever).

In this first episode, we get taken on a world changers and shapers history lesson. Mike Tyson. Steve Jobs. Michael Jackson. And more names that make you start to think, “What have I been doing with my life?” Wale has strong opinions on what he wants to do with his and here’s a touch of what he says:

I want to be the best. Whoever you think is the best of all time, I want you to put my name next to his in a couple years, if not right now.

Truth be told: I was concerned this series was going to be an, at least, 10-minute sentimental for the sake of one’s ego and sales. But thank God I was wrong. The video is just under two minutes and you’ll love it.


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