NEW: Siedah Garrett – “Behind the Man in the Mirror” | Video


If you were privileged enough to have met Michael Jackson in your lifetime, count yourself lucky. If you were privileged enough to have gotten the opportunity to work with the King of Pop, count yourself blessed!

Michael touched all of our lives immensely and no less with a song like, “Man in the Mirror”. Co-written by Siedah Garrett with Glen Ballard, Siedah stills feels the love that Michael moved us all with each time, with songs like that, to the point where she has now decided to stage a one-woman show in honour of the legend. The play will follow Siedah’s rise to fame from her early singing days, to discovering her writing talent and finally meeting the legendary Quincy Jones who initiated that iconic collaboration.

That said, she can’t do it on her own. Siedah needs your help to pledge to support the play and every aspect possible. Head down to KickStart to watch the launch video to Behind the Man in the Mirror and to pledge your support.


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