NEW: Vendetta Lavardo – “Voice Note Thoughts” Beattape | Album Download


New music! New artists! This is why we do it! And it’s especially more worth while when it’s local acts! Allow me to introduce to you, local hip hop DJ and producer, Vendetta!

While every young punk in high school and varsity wants to be a rapper without any direction, Detta and his boy Donte, got together to form hip hop music group The Moguls. With Donte on verse and Detta on production, these young guys are tearing Jozi apart bar-by-bar, beat-by-beat. We’ll bring you more on Donte soon as his new shit drops. For right now though, Detta recently he dropped his beattape, Voice Note Thoughts. The album contains some of the most professional beats I’ve heard from an up and coming hip hop producer in a minute. In case you’re wondering about the title, interspersed between the record is personal voice notes from some of the closest people in Vendetta’s life. Look out for a note from Donte himself, congratulating his boy on his success thus far.

There’s plenty still to come from The Moguls and we’ll bring it to you as it happens. Until then, download the entire Voice Note Thoughts album right here.

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