PREMIERE: Chance The Rapper – “Acid Rap” | Full Album Stream


Probably this year’s new game changer. Have you caught the Chance The Rapper hype? The Chicago native recently played a killa set at SXSW which propelled the momentum of his career to where it is right now: DOPE AF! He’s already caught the attention of the likes of Twista who also makes a feature on one of my favourite tracks of this album, “Cocoa Butter Kisses”. The thing about Chance is that I could cut out the instrumental and listen to him spit a cappella and be left stunned by the brilliance that is this young guy. Or I could play his beats for a new, up and coming rapper and he would pay me his next three months allowance for them. This guy cannot be stopped. Listen to the full EP right here and I dare you to tell me I’m wrong.

Now seriously. Your honest opinion. Is there any song on there that you can say you really don’t like? If you answered yes to that question– Let me not continue with that sentence lest you stop visiting our site.

Now we had to give a little more than just his album. In this new video you get to see the dope genius that is Chance The Rapper putting his new breakthrough album together. You’ll also see him compare New York pizza to Chicago pizza (any guesses for which is his fav?), and you’ll sorta just see him hang out!

Do yourself a favour and download the entire album here.


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