PREMIERE: Sam Turpin – “Cranes” | Video

sam turpin cranes

We’ve been waiting for the new shit from Sam Turpin and now not only is it here, but we’re being treated with a music video too! Hot damn! This guy’s under 20 and he’s already got his own video.

Okay. So maybe that’s not so surprising to you because child stars pop up all the time right? Well, apart from the fact that this young guy’s built his own career, he also made this video himself. Yup. The video kicks off with a simple four-word disclaimer: Everything by Sam Turpin.

“Cranes” has got a nice flow to it and we’re really starting to see Turpin come into his own niche. For a new artist, this video is really on point (trust me, we’ve received terrible things) and it’s also refreshing because it denies all the hip hop music video stereotypes of big cars, cash and hoes. It’s more of a metaphor to the cranes he spits (that is, speaks) of. The simpler, the better. But right now, you better check out the video for ‘Cranes’:


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