PREMIERE: The Muffinz – “Umsebenzi Wendoda (An Ode To Single Mothers)” | Video


Love them or hate them; The Muffinz are, by a number of measures, simply one of South Africa’s finest. The identity debate continues to grow in tandem with our democracy. Artists like the The Muffinz are those that have, are and continue to bridge the gap between who we are as Africans and where we find ourselves in the 21st century.

“Umsebenzi Wendoda (An Ode To Single Mothers)” – which loosely translates to “a man/husband’s duties” – is the latest single off of their highly acclaimed, SAMA nominated album Have You Heard?. The video follows a single mother (would you believe it?) who is having a hard time making her income and expenditure balance for the month. Distracted by her thoughts, she drops the dinner and breaks down into a cry which her son quietly witnesses. It is what the son does in response that will not only touch you but that we’ll allow to see for yourself.

Kudos a thousand times over to the creative team who conceptualised and realised a beautiful treatment into a music video. It’s not just the period costumes and set. Or the convincing acting by all parties involved. Or even the song itself. It’s the poetry of each element and how it bleeds into the next to create probably one of the best videos of this year. But it’s my word against your reception:


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