NEW: Frank Ocean Performs “Super Rich Kids” + “Voodoo” | Voodoo Jazz Festival


Hot off a successful 55th Grammy Awards night, Frank O showed up for set at his native New Orleans. No visual trickery in this performance, I’m afraid, but this was a day performance so it would not have worked anyway. What you will appreciate and love about these performances is not only Frank’s voice’s impeccable form but the fact that he complimented it with a full piece band. Yup! Even a horn section. Because what is channel ORANGE, or rather Frank Ocean, without some horns?

No Earl Sweatshirt for this performance of ‘Super Rich Kids’ but Frank held it down like a G, getting the audience to help him out. A welcomed surprise was the performance of “Voodoo” (coincidence? I think not. Ironic that? Yes!). Admittedly, I’m in love with channel ORANGE, and its entire arrangement. For me, interludes can often make an album in terms of shaping its trajectory. And “End” is a beautiful end to the art piece that is Frank Ocean’s Grammy award-winning album but what this performance reveals is that it’s such a beautiful song that I wish it was its own track on the album. (One can find it on The Best of Frank Ocean mixtape though).

But, enough yakking! Enjoy the crooner, Mr Ocean, as he does his thing right here:


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