NEW: Mindless Behavior Perform “All Around the World” LIVE | Radio Disney Music Awards


You’ve already seen the video to “All Around the World” now watch the young boy band interpret it live.

Being a music blog (and simply just a music fan), I’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of performances. From established performers to newcomers. Mature to young. But never have I seen this level of dedication from a group of young guys. And it’s not just the dedication. It’s the precision of their choreography, their infectious stage presence and that innate ability to hold a crowd.

You’ve seen all the boy bands and girl groups of the nineties (and even noughties). They always had one – or if you’re lucky, two – strong performers and the rest were wack! In Mindless Behavior, these kids are ALL good! If they ever split up, all four of them would go on to be equally as great artists in their own right.

Check them out as they break down on the 2013 Radio Disney Award stage:

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