PREMIERE: Jaheim – “Age Ain’t a Factor” | Listen


Okay! So let me start off by apologising for attaching the wrong video to this post! We assure it’s been rectified and now begins our post…

It’s been a good three years since Another Round and now Jaheim is back with a new one.

The R&B/Soul crooner recently dropped his new single, “Age Ain’t a Factor” and it’s all the Jaheim that one needs in this life of sin. The opening lyric reads, “You’re like a wine / You get better with time” but perhaps my favourite simile is that of his comparison of his woman to Benjamin Button: “You get better/ The older you get / Benjamin Button”. Sang it Jaheim! What I found quite interesting about this song, is that of you minus the romance of the lyrics (assuming you’re not one his adoring female fans) very much the same could be said for Jaheim himself. And that’s why we love him. And something tells me, you’ll love him more after this:

The single will be available on iTunes tomorrow. Details on the new album soon.


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