PREMIERE: Selena Gomez – “Come & Get It” | Video


The music video. The visual aid or interpretation of an artist’s single. May be performed and recorded in any format, so long as it is as exciting to watch as the song is to listen too. By that definition, allow me to say Selena Gomez not only ticks all the boxes with her new video, she smashes them to smithereens!

Gomez dropped her video to the single, ‘Come & Get It’ today and watching it, you can’t help but think how perfectly the video came together. The song for one, exudes eclecticism. I mean, who’d have thought that pop, Eastern and electro would mesh in sonic agreement so effortlessly? And then of course, the video, which takes it a step further with its breathtaking visuals (you must watch this clip in HD). A prime example of a treatment that looked smashing both on paper and in production. The video’s only let down is probably Selena and her dancers’ tame and subtle choreography. But we’ll look passed that to the beautiful images they’ve managed to create on the screen. Check it out:

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