NEW: Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull – “#LiveItUp” | Lyric Video


We’ve already seen one hashtagged song title this week. Can this please NOT turn into a trend? I mean, we love Twitter and what it’s allowed us to do but really?

Woes and concerns aside. J-Lo’s back with another single featuring rapper, Pitbull. The new dance tune (obviously) celebrates their Latino heritage like no other. And it’s beautiful. Two eyebrow raisers in the song though. The first: in the drop, the lyrics of the song go, “Make love / Don’t fight / Let’s f**k tonight”. Now, I’m pretty sure folk leave with folk for this particular reason all the time from clubs – where this song will be played – but something’s a touch unsettling about it being in a song. It’s almost as if to say, ‘If you find yourself on that dance floor lacking the confidence to approach that sexy boy/girl, just sing along and mean it. License granted’. Call me a prude, if you must. The second is one of Pitbull’s lyrics: “You name it she’s done it / She’s the reason why women run it”. Er… Was that a motion against the Queen just now? We’ll think nought of it and let it pass lest we induce a virtual fray.

If you’re into to J-Lo and Pitbull’s dance vibe, you’ll love this one:


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