PREMIERE: TGT – “Sex Never Felt Better” | Video + BTS


It’s been in the making and now we final see its fruition. The Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese R&B collective TGT are final ready to release their debut effort. Ahead of it’s July release, they dropped the video to the steamy new single, “Sex Never Felt Better”. For all the prudes out there it might be a little much but you’ll find when you hear it that it’s actually a musical masterpiece. Most, if not all, vocal groups generally have a weak link among them but these guys not only have equal share in their music but the last guy sounds as strong as the next. They share a camaraderie and bromance that’s tougher than the Jericho walls and it bleeds through into their music which is all we need in this life of sin. Here they are now, with “Sex Never Felt Better”:

We keep talking about the decline of R&B and if it wasn’t for artists like TGT who are aware of what’s been happening, an extinction wouldn’t be a radical estimation. In this next clip, you’ll get to see TGT and their creative team piece together the video for “Sex Never Felt Better” as well as hear their opinions about the state of R&B and what they – as R&B artists – are doing about it. That bromance that we mentioned earlier, you can’t miss it in this next video:

And as a final treat, you would’ve just seen the tour dates for TGT’s upcoming 3 Kings Tour and now we’ve got TGT’s official announcement for you right here. Check it out:

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