NEW: Petite Noir – “Noirse” | Video


This artist is one of our favourite artists! So I’ll try to be as unbias as possible in this post.

Petite Noir is undeniably a musical tour-de-force who’s breaking moulds here in his native South Africa as well as on international arena. He’s about to embark on a slew of show’s abroad kicking off with Japan as he recently tweeted. Dublin is also on the cards (see the Longitude Fest poster below) and many more!


But he didn’t want to leave us high and dry. So in response to that exact sentiment, he dropped a new video to his single, “Noirse”. Ever since I discovered the artistry of Petite Noir, I’ve been trying to categorise him. What kind of artist is this guy? And you’ll no doubt find yourself on the same journey with this new single. Is it electro? Is it EDM? Is it hip hop? Is it soul? Is it PBR&B? Look. I don’t know. And I’m at the point where I don’t care. And I don’t care because it’s so good that I don’t have to!

Unbias enough? Check out “Noirse” right here:

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