PREMIERE: Kanye West Performs “New Slaves” + “Black Skinned” | SNL


Controversial, more controversial and ever more controversial it gets with Kanye West each day that we learn something new about his forthcoming record. Scrap the rumours that it’s to be titled I Am a God but hold that sigh of relief. The new proposed titled is reportedly, Yeezus. We’ll leave the reviewing of that minor detail to your own discretion. The album is due to drop via Def Jam Records on June 18th (which, if you think about it, is super soon).

On to what this post is actually about, Yeezy stopped by SNL in promotion of his new record to perform two new songs. The first was one we’ve become well acquainted with due to Ye’s projections around the globe; “New Slaves”. He also performed a brand new song called, “Black Skinned” and I must say both very good performances!

Now we’ve only heard two (and a half) songs off of this erratically titled record and it seems like Kanye’s got something, well, a lot of things to say to black folk. So why then these deity comparative titles? Is he perhaps suggesting he’s black people’s messiah? Well, it’s just under a month until all our questions are answered. We’ll bring them to you as we learn them but for right now, watch Yeezy do his thing on SNL right here:


2 thoughts on “PREMIERE: Kanye West Performs “New Slaves” + “Black Skinned” | SNL

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