NEW ARTIST: JproD Debuts “A Million Feelings” & “Trill Shit” | Listen + Download


We’ve said this but it shocks us the most each time we realise it all over again: 2013 is the year of hip hop! And not just hip hop but new hip hop!

Our new artist and rapper this time around is one who goes by the name JproD (jeopardy). This young guy’s thing is all about trill music because “trill is real and real is respected”. Writing from a place of honesty, he hopes to connect to an audience that know to sift the real music from the superficial.

Now here at Feedbaq, we understand the obstacles and limitations that new artists are faced with and so we’re okay with new music from young artists coming in slightly underproduced and/or under-mastered. The rewarding thing about all the new music we receive though is that more often than not, these new guys are producing at the same level as the professional dominating the game. JproD is no different. Look out for him this year as we’ll be bringing you all the very latest from him. For right now, we’ve got his latest efforts, “A Million Things” and (my personal favourite) “Trill Shit, I Really Mean That”. Check it out yo:




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