PREMIERE: T.I. ft. Lil Wayne – “Wit Me” | Video


Trust us to get it right! We brought you the preview video and my instinct about it was a highspeed chase on a highway. Well, Bob’s your uncle! We’ve got a highspeed chase on a highway for you, folks!

T.I. and Lil Wayne teamed up for T.I.’s new single, “Wit Me” and what a track it is. As raw as hip hop gets, this is definitely not one for the modest. T.I. and Wayne are wanted by 5-0 for some or other reason (y’know these rappers) and so they jump into their Ferraris to make it onto a yacht which takes them away to a secret hideaway where the girls are just wit em! Do they ever get caught? Well you expect them to get away like with any other video. The interesting thing is, by the end of this one, you just don’t know. But check it out and decide for yourself. We know you’ve been waiting for this one:


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