NEW ARTIST: DJ YRS Jerzy Debuts “Make It Last” ft. Chox-Mak | Video


The title to this post is somewhat misleading. The sheer fact that DJ YRS Jerzy’s YouTube channel is loaded with over 160 videos and that he’s enjoyed decent radio play in his native US, should more than elude to the fact that he’s not exactly a “new” artist.

That said, as an underground rapper, this is the first Feedbaq has encountered him and we’re more than excited to hear more of what he’s got as well as what the future holds for him. He sent us a video of his “Make It Last” single featuring Chox-Mak. The single has amassed significant success on the web and received good reception from critics and fans alike. We’re not sure exactly whether he’s content with staying underground or if he’s looking forward to blowing up. Our two cents’ worth: we can see this on a CD store shelf soon. Here he is now, hanging out with Chox-Mak in “Make it Last”:


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