NEW ARTIST: Thundermerwe Debut “Ons Land” Music Video


I cannot tell you how excited this submission got me! We love rock here at Feedbaq! But we especially love local rock! And what’s even more amazing about these guys is their making waves internationally too! When its this good, we just want to pee in our onderbroeks with excitement.

Thundermerwe is what these four South African guys want you to call them, coz they’re swaggin’ like that. “Rap Bounce Rock” is the what they have said to be concocting in the studio. Makes sense once you hear them and think about it. But might we submit a suggestion? RaBoRock? Rock ‘n Rance? (Even as I type this, I imagine myself staring into the mirror and laughing at the retard staring back).

Okay, so that was lame, but it’s not about what I have to say! These guys have something really important to say. They love our country like all South Africans do but are also aware of its shortcomings. And so, while other rock ‘n rance bands are singing about sex, drugs, alcohol and whatever rock bands write about, these guys hope to inspire change through their inspirational bilingual lyrical abilities. One such example is their epic “Ons Land” single off of their debut album, with its accompanying amazeballs music video which we’ve got for you right here.

Now assuming you loved that (which we absolutely know you did), we’ve got a treat for you! Thank us later.


A new video is on its way and we’ll have it ready for you soon as it drops. To catch Thundermerwe in your city, check out their upcoming show dates. And for all things Thundermerwe, head on down to their ReverbNation page.


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