NEW ARTIST: Zeno The Ruler


Hip hop is very obviously are most consistent submission here at Feedbaq and, trust me, we are not complaining. But on the real though, all the other genres need to catch up. What’s different about our latest new artist is that although this artist is a hip hop artist, she’s also a female rapper. Why has it taken this long for us to find one? Before we turn this into a gender politics blog, let’s get into why we’re really here.

Meet Zeno The Ruler. Church drummer-cum-rapper, she’s carving her own niche as an artist. What hip hop does really lack today is enough female rappers and good ones at that. You turn on MTV and chances are the only female rapper you’ll see often enough is Nicki Minaj. Zeno The Ruler is looking at changing that. It’s embedded in her music and her ‘don’t fukx with me’ persona.

Strings, lots of hi-hats and synths are Zeno’s thing and it works for her. The acoustic guitar in ‘Open Ur Eyes’ is a refreshing contrast to the rest of her debut album, Xplosev (and also my personal favourite).

You can expect music videos to drop soon and we’ll be ready to bring them to you as soon as they do.

For all things Zeno The Ruler head down her to ReverbNation page.

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