FDBQ EXCLUSIVE: John Empire Debuts Drunken Night Make Up LIVE | Video


It’s not often that you find a new artist who debuts with such professionalism and finesse but when you do find one, and the said artist’s music is hotter than some of the established guys out in the game, you know something’s about to blow up.

If you weren’t at The Waiting Room down in Cape Town on May 23rd then, I don’t care what you were doing, you were living under a rock for a night. If John Empire’s anything to go by, hip hop’s about to get get magnified down here in the Cape, and even this country really. Empire, himself, admits in our exclusive interview that breaking into hip hop this side of the country isn’t the easiest of feats. But did you see The Waiting Room last Wednesday? It was so dope, you’d have forgotten where in the world you were! As his manager so aptly tweeted, it was a juuuuuump!


Out on the infamous Long Street to debut his Drunken Night Make Up mixtape, Empire sat down with FDBQ to talk Drunken Night Make Up, the awesome AF performance he had just given with his buddy and co-creator Phillip a.k.a. The English (pictured above) and his abstinence from alcohol, nicotine and narcotics. Wait! Isn’t the album called Drunken Night Make Up though? Damn! Didn’t get to ask him that. Oh well. Guess those drunken nights are over then. And hello to the days of 100% South African produced, dope hip hop!

You’ll want to check out our interview with him live from The Waiting Room.

And because we got you here at FDBQ, and we know you really wanted to make it last week but life happened which prevented you, we’ve got some of those sick performances by John Empire and The English live! This one he likes to call, “Never Give Up”.

The next video you’re about to see is an exclusive by FDBQ! Watch John debut a track called “Fantasy” that he and Phillip recorded only two days before this performance!

Now I know you’re thinking now, “Hot damn! I need to get on to that John Empire train!” and you’re damn straight. It almost left you but we got you, as always. So make sure you connect on Twitter @JohnEmpireJE, Facebook and keep up with Drunken Night Make Up and all the new John Empire music on SoundCloud.

Joburg dates and a new music video are all on the way for the Empire and you can trust us to have it all ready for you as soon as it drops! Now go off and bump to some of that Drunken Night Make Up!


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