PREMIERE: Kao Denero – “Munku Nar Babylon” | Listen


Known as “The Pride of Sierra Leone’s Hip Hop”‘ Kao Denero is repainting the face of his home country one bar at a time. Having opened for acts like Akon, 2 Face and P Square, he’s set on making his mark on the international stage as big as it is in Sierra Leone. The brand spanking new single, “Munku Nar Babylon”, has got such an infectious flow you’ll have it on repeat if you aren’t already blasting it on your car radio every morning to work. We can’t wait to hear what more is to come out of the rest of Africa but if this is the standard as it stands, the world better watch out! Here’s Kao Denero now with “Munku Nar Babylon”.

Oh, now you wanna hear more? Well be sure to head down to Denero’s MySpace and ReverbNation pages. And as an added treat, you can download the full “Munku Nar Babylon” track here.

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