PREMIERE: Locnville – “Yesterday” | Video


Let me just say, the resistance to the temptation of titling this post, ‘Yes-yes-ster-ster-day’ was almost as deep as if you were to resist cake on your birthday. True story. If you’ve hot your hands on a Faster Longer Mixtape already, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Following the smash hit success of “Closer”, the Chaplin DJing duo are back with another sure fired, soon to be hit single, “Yesterday”. This is the second single to drop off of their Faster Longer Mixtape which they have described as a new sound for them as well as precursor for what’s to come. We say: we like so bring it on already! The new video takes you on a ride during an epic LCNVL performance, like only Brian and Andrew can give. If you loved the “Closer” video (which we know you did) you’ll have no issues in getting swiftly acquainted with this one. Here they are now, its Locnville with “Yesterday”.

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