Spoek Mathambo / HIVIP Presents Hot Garbage for FADER | Listen + Download


Spoek Mathambo stopped by the Big Apple three years ago to launch Hot Garbage: The Hellish Summer Mix for FADER Magazine’s The Let Out Show on East Village Radio. The twenty two track piece is what’s been missing from every single house party you’ve ever hosted or been to in your life. Ever. If by simply clicking play, you don’t get up on your feet and start calling somebody to find out what you’re doing tonight, then you’ve probably just escaped a monastery and are greeting the world for the first time. You’re excused.

In terms of what you’ll find on the actual record, check out the tracklisting and then just click play.

1. Brenda Fassie’s Blue
2. Michel Cleis – La Mezcla
3. Makossa & Megablast – Que Pasa
4. Blackstone – Nanda na varanda
5. Spoek Mathambo – Gwababa (DJ Mpula Remix)
6. V.R – Block Mosquito
6. Matabaya & V.R – Puro
7. Zakee Kuduro – Sane Eba
8. New York Dutchmasters – Voodoozela Pt 1
9. New York Dutchmasters – Voodoozela Pt 2 ft Spoek Mathambo
10. Jammer – Party Animal (Hard House Banton Remix)
11. Chaod Dans CBD – Bong Song
12. FleonSecoca – BadMan
13. Canblaster – Jetpack
14. Douster – On The Nile
15. MIA -Tequila (Mshini Wam Boot ft Gnucci Banana)
16. Scottie B & King Tutt – African Chant (Top Billin Remix)
17. Chesus – Me n U
18. Dizzee Rascal – I Luv U (George Lenton Remix)
19. Mosca – Square One (BOK BOK Remix)
20. Sekta – Hakka Riddim
21. DJ Sdunkero – Choosing Love
22. DJ Takalani House Magic – Dikgomo Tsarona

Now if you like it then you should just download it, right here.

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