Beyoncé, J-Lo, Ellie Goulding – The Sound of Change Live | Video


It’s been a while since we announced the Sound of Change concert taking place in Twickenham, London this Saturday, 1st of June. It forms part of the Chime for Change Foundation’s efforts to support women and girls who can’t support themselves in the most essential areas of life.

It may seem like just another charity event, but the organisers have made a bold effort to keep the focus of this spectacle on what it’s about. The day after you purchase your ticket, you will receive a voucher towards supporting a health, education or justice project of your choice. You can do this by logging on to the Chime for Change website. You’ll have a month from the time of your ticket purchase in which to select a project. After doing so, use your voucher to fund your desired project and help change the lives of women and girls. If you forget to choose a project (which we sincerely hope you don’t) Chime for Change and Gucci will select a project on your behalf and keep you posted on developments.

For those of you lucky enough to be in London this weekend to attend the event, we’re green with envy. However, not as green as we should be. A live streaming of the concert is set to take place and some 1 billion viewers across the globe are anticipated to be watching live. Details on and a link to that live stream are still, as yet, imminent but do check back soon for that info.


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