NEW ARTIST: D. Smith ft. Tha Leash – “The Journey” | Video


FDBQ welcomes D. Smith and Tha Leash, our freshest new artists who are set to take hip hop by its horns. Rapper D. Smith’s latest single, “The Journey” tells exactly the journey of the young rapper’s rise to fame and let me assure you, it’s a lot less than a bed of roses. You’ll hear some really personal stories like the death of his brother and how he rose up from that. Tha Leash adds a much needed smooth flow to the song transitioning the listener from verse-to-verse. The Silo Dimba directed video does an amazing job of capturing the memories of the track and interspersing them in a music video-cum-documentary style clip. It definitely gets our stamp of approval, so check out the full video right here!

(Sidenote: we’re not quite sure why a muted repeat of the video continues straight on after the main video but we promise that if you press stop after the sound dies you’ll be more than happy!)


One thought on “NEW ARTIST: D. Smith ft. Tha Leash – “The Journey” | Video

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