PREMIERE: Lulo Café ft. Selina Campbell – “Crazy” | Video


Lulo Café has finally released the long awaited “Crazy” video but after giving it a view, it was well worth the wait.

A sleepy Lulo is woken up via Skype video call by his lover, played by the gorgeous Selina Campbell. Not only did she take the already hot Lulo Café special to another level with her caramel latte vocals, but she also adds a much appreciated sex appeal to the video (not that Lulo isn’t quite the looker himself). Lulo proceeds to take his love through his daily routine of breakfast, getting ready, lunch and the studio while she serenades him with her soulful sonics. I guess what makes the video sad though, is that it all happens via Skype. They even kiss through the webcam. Maybe it’s coz Selina’s all the way in her native UK. I guess all that’s left to say is check out the “Crazy” video right here!

If you don’t already have the track (where have you been?) head down to iTunes now.

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