PREMIERE: Mariah Carey ft. Miguel – “#Beautiful (Explicit Version)” | Video


So let’s get the first disappointment out of the way because you’ll soon find its the least of your concerns: there is nothing explicit about the actual video itself. As a matter of fact, its lightyears tamer than the original “#Beautiful” video. Sigh. But moving on…

The only function that the “explicit” in the title serves is that of cautioning for Miguel throwing in the words, ‘ass’ and ‘fucking’ every now and then. The biggest disappointment of this video is the fact that nothing happens. I miss the motorbike scene and everything about it. Especially since Miguel’s opening lyric is, “Hop on the back of my bike / Let the good wind blow through your hair”. This is not to say that music videos are bound to literally determine the prescriptions of their treatments from their songs’ lyrics but you’ve got to agree with me that this new “explicit” video really feels lonely without it. I mean you can only watch so much of MC being sexy (how does she maintain that for so long?) and Miguel just sitting in a classic Porsche. Perhaps you’ll think I’m insane and really enjoy this version. Either way, here it is in full: Mariah Carey and Miguel in “#Beautiful (Explicit Version)”.

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