PREMIERE: Petter Jones & Trel Mack – “3, 2, 1” | Video


We brought you the “60 Seconds Freestyle” video with Petter Jones and Trel Mack and now they’re back with a new one, in hopes of recreating that same magic.

The “3, 2, 1” video, presented by Q The Question (whatever that means), is the latest to drop from the SKE Records stable. It’s a track you want to bump to in your car on a Saturday afternoon joyride or on you way to the club later that Saturday evening. Well, at least that’s the picture my imagination paints. In case you want to see Jones and Mack’s visual interpretation, check it out right here. Oh, but, before you do, you might wanna… “3, 2, 1! Then you run it back. 1, 2, 3… Inhale. Exhale. Breathe!”

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