ICYMI: SAMA 19 Yello Carpet Interviews x Boity | Video


We got you all excited by announcing ahead of the event that Boity would be holding it down for the online SAMA 19 viewers but, as you know, she also doubled as Yello Carpet interviewer. Catching each of the night’s biggest stars before the start of the event, Boity finds out their hopes, expectations and what they look forward to for the night.

Zebra & Giraffe are first on the interview bill. The chilled out rockers talk their non-designer attire and the fluff on Stefan’s blazer. Rockers ey…

Conceptual fashion designer, Tzvi, gets himself into a verbal contract with Boity who is all in awe of the designers SAMA 19 outfit. Is he aware that verbal contracts are legally binding? We’ll keep an eye out for Boity’s next event to see if she’s dressed Tzvi.

2013 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Thomas Chuake, is more than ready to receive more awards and yo produce more music. He does not come alone though, his entourage consists of a bevy of Tsonga beauties including his daughter and band members, all adorned in traditional Tsonga attire. His daughter’s even wearing a xibelani! Love it! Love it!

Arriving as winners already, the TeddyBears proudly announce their Most Downloaded True Tone award. But guess which member proudly announces his crush on Boity!

Among all the insanity, Boity final came across some level-headed folk. Pascal and Pearce were not only ready to perform at the SAMA 19 after party, but they were also ready for whatever would’ve resulted of the night. Also listen out for what they have to say about local music. I’m sure you can tell by now that we very obviously like these guys.

A decade of good music behind her and still looking forward to another decade of greater things. Lira talks her new show and what to expect to come from 10 years of experience.

A debut SAMA performance, three nominations versus some hot competition and that’s the least of his worries. What’s got Khuli Chana concerned is whether or not he can pull of his Palse Homme style. Guess it worked for him after all – he took home all three the awards that he was nominated for: Best Male Artist, the coveted Best Rap Artist and the biggest award of the night, Best Album. Bow down haters!

iScream & The Chocolate Stix really just came to party at this year’s SAMAs. Drink in hand, they talk their plans of world domination right after “tearing Boity to pieces”. I wonder which is Pinky and which is The Brain…

Zaki Ibrahim sounds positive about the state of local music and is also down for local designers. With her “mixed-bag” accent, one can tell she’s a citizen of the earth.

Even after claiming to be the best thing about local music, AKA, in a twist of events, states that he feels he isn’t going win anything. Maybe his content with the ones he has to date. Look out for his second album.

Oh, ChianoSky. All we want to do is watch and listen to you. Optimistic about local music and excited for the future she is and she’s working on new music for us. Yay!

All-in-all an amazing night was had and truly a step-up from last year’s ceremony. We can only hope that next year is even better. If we may, one thing that we wouldn’t like to change is Boity as Yello Carpet host. Who gon’ bring us all the pre-show insanity if not her?

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