NEW: Iggy Azalea LIVE at The Great Escape, Brighton | Video


If Gwen Stefani and the Harajuku Girls made love to hip hop and Harlem, their love children would be Iggy Azalea and her back-up dancers. We know Iggy’s Australian but she does cite Tupac as her main influence. And we can see why.

The Great Escape festival in Brighton, known as “Europe’s leading festival for new music” could not do without, hip hop’s new bad girl, Iggy Azalea. The game is really short of female rappers (since most of them bombed out at the end of the nineties) and so it’s refreshing to see when new ones come up. This one, in particular, looks set on taking no prisoners. Her bad ass persona on stage is complemented by her back-up dancers who make Nicki Minaj’s twerk for Wayne at the Billboard Awards look like a church choir step. Pity Iggy doesn’t join them in twerking as well. What she does do though is deliver two bomb ass performances of her singles “Bounce” and “Work”. Check it out yo!

Vevo caught up with Iggy after the show to talk her (as yet) non-existent festival history and why she wants to work with Missy Elliot.

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