PREMIERE: Ke$ha ft. – “Crazy Kids” | Video


We brought you the audio clip of Ke$ha’s “Crazy Kids” with Juicy J but the for the video, she opted to go with the version instead. We’ll leave this one to you: which sounds better?

Regardless, if you were in front of your TV screen come the MTV world premiere a few days ago or any time after that, you’ll just have to deal with the version. The video has finally made its way online for digital consumption and it doesn’t look too shabby at all. Here’s my theory: Ke$ha’s a girl who can hold a note or two and gets paid to use it so she can party. Where do I sign up? This video: imagine what it would be like if you went over to Ke$ha’s for a house party. That’s exactly what this video is. No more imagining. Redeem your invite by clicking play down here.

One thought on “PREMIERE: Ke$ha ft. – “Crazy Kids” | Video

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