NEW: Jennifer Lopez – “Live It Up” LIVE | Britain’s Got Talent


Jennifer Lopez. What can we say? She never disappoints. Her Britain’s Got Talent performance was no exception.

J-Lo stopped by Britain’s biggest talent show to stop the show with a performance of her new dance single, “Live It Up”. Starting off, I was concerned it would be a duplicate of her Billboard Awards 2013 performance but, thankfully, a switch up was in order which further cemented why she’s still Jenny from the block!

But her performance didn’t come without “controversy” in the notoriously conservative UK. Ofcom, “the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries” says it received over 100 complaints about the performance. J-Lo has responded calling her bodysuit appropriate and citing that she wore the same one in red at the Billboard Awards and no problemo. I’m starting to think Ofcom stands for “oft’ complain”.

Anyway. Watch Lopez break it down right here!

Following that sexy performance, she sat down with BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills to talk about her performance, why that bodysuit is only appropriate for the stage and why she couldn’t stand performing, ‘If You Had My Love’ for a while.

Since the Britain’s Got Talent audience and hosts, Ant and Dec, seemed to be completely clueless about tomorrow’s Sound of Change concert in Twickenham, we thought we’d throw in the official Chime for Change announcement. Tickets are on sale at

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