NEW: Kelly Rowland – “Soldier” LIVE | Lights Out Tour


You saw her perform “Dirty Laundry” on the same set in DC, now Kelly Rowland shows her Filmore fans what kind man she’s looking for.

The Destiny’s Child graduate performed one of DC3’s hit singles, “Soldier” as part of her and The Dream’s Lights Out Tour. Now we love this new ‘exploring my sexuality’ Kelly but we didn’t think she’d come this far along. I mean, I was convinced (because of the video) that those “big things” that soldier better carry was a baby. Kelly proved me entirely wrong in this performance. Or maybe not so much because her idea of this “big thing” is part of the baby-making process. I’ve said too much!

Soon we won’t be able to tell the difference between her and Janet (and we’re so not complaining). This was a beautiful performance and a refreshing switch to an already infectious track. It’s all right here!

Since I miss DC3 so much, I’m going to self-indulge by bringing you the “Soldier” video. You can’t tell me nothing!


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