PREMIERE: OneRepublic – “Counting Stars” | Video


And the award for record label with the strangest artists goes to… Interscope.

OneRepublic have just released their video to the new single, “Counting Stars” and what a curious constellation of images it is. While OneRepublic jam in a downstairs basement (with a crocodile milling in the next room) a therapy-cum-protestant-church-service is going on upstairs above them. As the epic new single reaches its climax, so does the ritualistic gathering upstairs, become ever more and more psychedelic. Well, it’s all fun and ritualism until the wooden floorboards give way and some enthusiastic “gatherer” (attender? worshipper?) falls through the floor/ceiling and lands butt first in front of a band of rockers.

It’s epic though. Trust. And it’s all right here for you. OneRepublic with “Counting Stars”.

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