Kanye West Reveals “Yeezus” Album Art + Teases New Music


We wondered and speculated and now we have some clarity.

For one, the Y-shaped crucifix picture is not the official Yeezus album art but the title Yeezus is in fact Yeezy’s new album title. Perhaps Yeezy’s team let everyone in on I Am a God first to soften the blow of the Yeezus shock.

How do we know that Yeezus is the title? Head down to kanyewest.com right now and see for yourself. You’ll see the confirmed June 18th released date after you click on the cover which will also produce a snippet of some new music. New forthcoming single perhaps? The album art which you’ll see is the other picture that has been circulating the net: a transparent cover with some red tape sealing it. Red tape is inked “YEEZUS” and the cover contains a plain disc.

All we can say is we’re counting down the days and we currently stand at 16 more to go.


One thought on “Kanye West Reveals “Yeezus” Album Art + Teases New Music

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